We are Pink Lane Coffee, Newcastle-based craft coffee roasters dedicated to sourcing, roasting and sharing with our customers only the best coffee possible. 

We select only 100% arabica single origin coffee which is ethically and responsibly sourced from growers around the world.

We source all of our coffee with each country’s season in mind, and the coffee we offer will likewise change in accordance with these seasons. By working closely with partner importers we are able to source the best seasonal coffees available.

Consistency is of the utmost importance to us at Pink Lane Coffee, and by using the best technology available and measuring very precisely we are able to demonstrate consistency with our roast profiles. We roast, taste, adjust and repeat until we are confident that we have roasted the best-tasting coffee possible.

We roast all of our coffee carefully and with the lightest possible touch, allowing the unique characteristics of each coffee to shine through.

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For order enquiries contact: orders@colourcoffee.co.uk